MIZI look forward to working with you hand in hand, altogether will create happy tomorrow!


  • Wealth hotline:4006-817-760
  • add:Changman Building, Lianhe Road, Yanbu, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

  • tel:0757-81100305

1, power position

Power posture underwear agents throughout the country, the country has tens of thousands of agents.

2, agency advantage

Low cost, low threshold, to help more women entrepreneurial opportunities.

3, hand in hand to teach you to operate

Online professional training, teaching how to operate, customized planning.

Proxy distribution graph

MIZI brand agent, joining and stores has covered more than 20 provinces and cities all over the country

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Guangdong Province
  • Hainan
  • Sichuan Province
  • Yunnan Province
  • Guizhou Province
  • Qinghai Province
  • Gansu Province
  • Jiangxi Province
  • Heilongjiang Province
  • Liaoning Province
  • Jilin Province
  • Hebei Province
  • Henan Province
  • Hubei province
  • Hunan Province
  • Shandong Province
  • Shanxi Province
  • Shaanxi Province
  • Anhui Province
  • Zhejiang Province
  • Jiangsu Province
  • Fujian Province