Jinqi and Yanbu Underwear Industry Association attending the Hong Kong Fair: Exploring the latest tr



CENTRESTAGE, Asia's premier fashion event, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 5th to 8th, 2018.

CENTRESTAGEOrganized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), it provides a publishing and promotion platform for international, especially Asian fashion brands and designers, further consolidating Hong Kong's position as Asia's fashion capital.

This year's show will present about 230 fashion brands from around the world and hold about 40 events. The series of seminars and trend seminars will gather a number of international fashion designers and industry experts to discuss the latest trends and the future development of the fashion industry. the opinion of.

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 The picture shows the CENTRESTAGE2018 scene


As the fourth vice president of the Yanbu Underwear Association, Ms. Jin Qi represented Foshan Powerzi Apparel Co., Ltd. and the association's small partners to participate in this fashion event.

The Yanbu Underwear Industry Association participated in CENTRESTAGE to learn from the advanced innovation concept of the exhibition brand, and at the same time provide innovative awareness and innovative direction for the development of Yanbu underwear, and promote the healthy development of the underwear industry in Dali Town.

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 The picture shows a member of the Yanbu Underwear Association and a group photo


Powerzi is a technical company. Jin always has been committed to innovative design. High quality and high enjoyment have always been the power of the power to give the customer group experience.

The power pose emphasizes high design and high R&D, and aims to continuously provide good products to meet the needs of consumers on the way to upgrade.

Power posture develops underwear with the mind of the creator. The mission of underwear is to highlight the female sexy and graceful posture. The beauty of a woman, the enchantment of the body, and the mourning of a demeanor are all gifts of the creator. It is the most primitive incitement that drives the power posture to refine and develop.

Power posture is devoted to the underwear in the spirit of artisans. Every line and every pleat must be born for you. Think from many angles, think about it repeatedly, eliminate useless, old-fashioned thinking, and rush out of a fixed cage. Rigorous, lean, and excellence are our attitude towards underwear and self-research attitude.
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During the Hong Kong meeting, Jin Zong visited and studied at the Underwear College of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I personally participated in the R&D and production process of underwear. Every process and every level of the process was practiced, so the precise understanding of underwear was deeper.

There are successive news, and the industry has specialized.

Mr. Jin is well aware of the importance of the introduction of diversion. Power will soon start a school-enterprise cooperation project with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Together with design talents, together with like-minded partners, he has vowed to create one another. I love the power of the underwear!